Tuesday, April 21, 2020

beauty: colourpop sailor moon collection

This is long overdue, but here is my review of Colourpop's Sailor Moon collection that debuted in February! I purchased the shadow palette, lipstick sets, and the blushes—I didn't get the glitters because I'm not a big glitter fan. I'm glad I bought everything right when it launched, because unfortunately everything is still sold out!

(Also, none of these links are affiliate links, and this post isn't sponsored by Colourpop; I just really love Colourpop and Sailor Moon.)

First of all, the packaging is amazing—so many pretty and shimmery foils!

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The packaging for the blushes is a holographic print of when Usagi first met Luna! The scenes on the packaging are identical to the ones from the show too!

This is the Cat's Eye blush, which is a really pretty coral.

The "From the Moon" blush, and another view of the packaging. I usually don't use much blush, but I really like both of these—they're versatile shades and easy to use, but use a light hand when picking up product with your brush! A little goes a long way with these.

The packaging and front of the "Pretty Guardian" palette.

colourpop-sailor-moon-eyeshadow-palette-2 colourpop-sailor-moon-eyeshadow-palette-3 
I was really impressed by the variety of colors and textures in this palette—you get a lot of variety for a 12 pan set! The top row is really good for creating more daily, neutral looks, and the bottom row is great for the really intense color looks. The bottom row is also heavily pigmented (and more of a straight up pigment than a shadow) so the color laydown is great, but being able to remove it later is a bit difficult.

Now, the lip sets!
The "Daylight" kit, which includes Usagi, an ultra-blotted pink lipstick that I really like, and Moon Tiara, an ultra glossy lip with lots of shimmer. I haven't used Moon Tiara yet because honestly it's quite out of my comfort zone, but I can see this being a good top gloss if you want a bit of a tinted sheen. 

The "Moonlight" kit, which includes Bun Head, an ultra blotted lipstick that's about a shade darker than Usagi, and Sailor Moon ultra glossy, which is a bit of a combination of Usagi and Moon Tiara in terms of the color and the level of shimmer. 

I was originally going to only keep one of the lip sets, but I like the colors (and the ultra blotted lippies) so much that I decided to keep them both. The individual lipsticks are available—but sold out along with everything else right now.

Here are a couple looks I've created with the collection:

I used Shining Moon, Twilight Flash, and a little bit of Full Moon on my eyes, and the "Cat's Eye" blush, and I think this was the Usagi lipstick.


Here I used Shining Moon, Twilight Flash, and Miracle Romance, which appears purple in the pan but is really a bright magenta. I used the Cat's Eye blush and Bun Head lipstick.

If you've tried any pieces in the collection, let me know what you think!

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