Friday, June 30, 2017

five photo friday: loft studio/office.

It's not a true five photo friday, there's seven pictures, but it's worth it. My studio/office loft is finally complete! So I figured I would share some pictures of it. It's not Pinterest perfect—it's "lived in," there are still some things I need to find permanent homes for.

And yes, those are alcohol and cigarette packaging in those prints, but the reason I like them is the gold foil letterpress.

Room details:
Chair: IKEA
Desk: IKEA
Plant stand: Target
Beanbag chair: Amazon
Wall corner shelf: Target
Tapestry: Society6

I moved the majority of my plants upstairs so they could get more natural light from the dormer windows in the loft. You'll also notice the cat tree & bed—our new cat Hannah likes to hang out in the loft with me while I'm up there.

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