Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cool Things of the Week #23

So I kind of fell off of the Cool Things of the Week bandwagon for a while, but I'm bringing it back!

How freaking cute is Monty?! He's missing his nasal bone but I think it makes him more adorable. 

A designer and a photographer teamed up to create a typeface out of aerial imagery of buildings and houses, and it's pretty amazing.

It's just what it sounds like, and it looks awesome. It's in Brussels, which has put Brussels on my list of places I have to go. 

Andy Warhol's cat illustrations are some of my favorite works of his, so I was super excited when I saw this article. This article showcases a lot of his cat illustrations as well as the collaboration he did with his mother (who was also an illustrator), which is not widely known. Great article.

Lauren Hom (of the popular Daily Dishonesty) made a project out of doing chalkboard art for restaurants and cafes, asking only for lunch in exchange for her work. This is such a great idea and her work is amazing and inspiring.

What cool things did you find this week?

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