Wednesday, October 1, 2014

last days of summer.

Oh hellooooo! I did not mean to take a two week blogging hiatus, but that happened. It's been a busy month: I attended a conference for work, we went to Florida for a weekend, wedding planning, various social events, and on top of that work and working out as consistently as possible. So, blogging took a back seat. Now it's time for catch up!

091114x1 091114x2 091114x3
What I'm wearing:
Top: H&M
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: DSW
Necklace: Urban Outfitters (old)

Just a simple work outfit for the last few warm days. Given the craziness that is DMV weather, it's still close to 80 when it's October—but that works for me!

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