Friday, May 16, 2014

five photo friday: mostly cats.

Happy Friday! It's a particularly happy Friday for me because tomorrow morning (so early it may be considered Friday night still), we leave for the Outer Banks for a week! I'm so excited. So after Sunday Inspiration I'll be on a bit of a blog hiatus—but you can keep up with me on Instagram!

Anyways, photos! These are just some snapshots I took last weekend.

Mungo sleeping on the couch.

Birthday party spread! Everyone ended up bringing so much food that we ran out of room on the table!

A flower arrangement my mom made of flowers from her garden.

Dorothy (my parents' cat) enjoying a box.

Their little kitten Stella (who is so tiny and so adorable) looking outside.

I realize most of that post was regrets.

Have a great weekend!

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