Friday, May 9, 2014

five photo friday: a day at the zoo

Happy Friday! I'm pretty excited for this weekend because tomorrow is my birthday! We're having a party & I'll get to see a bunch of my favorite people all at once. And then Sunday is of course Mother's Day, so I'm going to visit my parents (and snag some delicious food).

A couple Sundays ago my fiancee and I went to the zoo, which we've been meaning to do for the longest time. It was so much fun—and hopefully next time we visit the red pandas will be back!

Otters! They were so noisy, it was the cutest.
We saw the lemurs at feeding time and this little guy was so excited.
Lounging Meerkat
A little meerkat, just chillin'.
Flamingo closeup.
Lone Tiger
Tiger taking stock of the crowd.

Have a great weekend!

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