Thursday, May 1, 2014

cool things of the week #19

First Cool Thing of the Week: it's May! My favorite month! Spring, my birthday, Mother's Day, and vacation all in one month! I'm so excited. Hence all the exclamations.

Now, onto some cool things from the internets!
This is a brilliant project—completely based around the usage of stickers—to remind kids (and adults) to get out and be present in the real world, because some experiences aren't available via technology. I think this is so great, and could definitely turn into a guerilla marketing phenomenon!

I have seen this in person, and it is amazing. This is a really easy DIY, but what impresses me the most is how many garlands they made to hang in the storefront window of Analog! If you're in the area, go stop by and take a look. And add this to your DIY list (mine is ever-growing); this is perfect for spring in DC. 
This ring is made of living succulents! And when the succulents lose their freshness (in 3-4 weeks), you can plant them! So great. Jewelry + succulents = made for me, right? 

Finally the USA has a cat cafe! These have been very big in Europe & Asia but this is the first of its kind in the States. I love that this is sponsored/produced by Purina as a method of raising awareness of pet health, but it also gives cat lovers (and non-cat lovers once they're turned) a place to give love & attention to adoptable kitties! (Also, add this to the list of reasons my fiancee & I need to take a trip to NYC stat.)

I've seen a few posts about Onyx Coffee Lab Roasters on the Dieline this week, and I've been continuously impressed. This is a really great branding and packaging project with superb hand-drawn type and a lot of personality. I'm sad that Onyx is all the way in Arkansas because I'd totally go there! And buy some coffee (mostly for the packaging).

Photo via my Instagram
Oh my god, you guys. This cake is the best cake I have ever eaten. EVER. My fiancee & I made this on Sunday and it was all gone by Tuesday. If you love lemon flavored baked goods, you have to make this cake. It's not super fast to make, but it's simple and soooo delicious. I'd eat a piece of this cake every day if I could. It's very rich, but also light and fluffy in flavor, and perfect for spring. I'm going to make a cupcake version for a party I'm having next week!

What cool things did you find this week?

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