Thursday, February 27, 2014

cool things of the week #15

Happy almost the end of the week!

These are some really great tips from one of my favorite bloggers—good for anyone who may be in a creative rut, not just blogging.

2. Endearing Photos of Rats with Teddy Bears by Jessica Florence & Ellen van Deelen
These are just so cute I can't take it. It's exactly what it sounds like. And it will make your day better.

This graphic designer illustrated each animal in the letter that their name starts with, and it's absolutely beautiful. And all done by hand in colored pencil! I think my favorite is the giraffe.

These are so simple but so clever, and I think that's what makes them great. Definitely click over to the rest, they'll give you a laugh!

This retired Italian teacher now spends his days driving to villages to deliver books to children, and spread the love of reading. This is such a great idea to increase literacy in remote areas, and to provide children with a great hobby. I can't think of a better retirement job/hobby.

Obviously this week was all about cute & heartwarming things. I'm a sap, what can I say.

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