Thursday, January 10, 2013

cool things of the week #6.

Happy Thursday! Here are the cool & interesting things I've found around the internets this week:

Ah, January: the month of organization & resolutions. Honestly, I'm a bit of an organization freak and one of the reasons I love this post is because it's a behind the scenes look at Shauna's (who is an amazing designer & total inspiration for me) personal organization for her business and her clothes! Definitely worth a read.

In the same vein as #1, this is a great outline of how to increase your efficiently and get those daunting projects out of the way. And it's just 6 easy tips, so not a ton to remember!

I can't get over how gorgeous this pillow is; it's like a work of art! 
I think this needs to be on my couch...

One of my best friends told me about this the other day, and I think it's a great idea. Each week you put the amount of the week # into your savings account, and by the end of the year you have close to $1,400! And the amounts are totally manageable. There's also printable versions at the link!

I found this lovely photo series while browsing through Behance the other day and fell completely in love; the styling, colors, and composition are just so perfect! Not to mention it'll get you excited for spring colors!

A typeface made completely out of baby's breath—A through Z, including punctuation marks. It's absolutely stunning; I particularly love the ampersand (shocker, right?). Just go admire the prettiness, delicacy, and craft. 

What cool things did you find this week?

Until tomorrow!

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