Friday, May 25, 2012

Guest post from Hannah of She Could Be A Pharmer

Thanks to my blogger BFF Hannah for guest posting! Go check out her blog!

Hello lovelies! I'm Hannah and I write the blog she could be a pharmer in those clothes. Since G is taking a much deserved vacay on the beach, I thought it's be nice to share my favorite things about summer.

I grew up in Colorado, so going to the beach was never really in my summer repertoire. None of my friends growing up had pools (what jerks), so even going to the local community pool was a big deal. I spent most of my summers lounging in the back yard, drinking diet coke, and reading a good book. To me, nothing says summer like reading. When I was younger, I obviously read a lot during the school year for class. But reading in the summer was always different - I could read whatever I want! The summer before my freshman year of high school I read thirteen books (yes, I am still oddly proud of this) - they ranged from Stephen King's The Dark Half to Alexandre Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo to frivolous romance novels.

Sadly, as I've grown up I've lost diversity in my reading. As a graduate student, I can't help feeling obliged to read papers for school (lame). When I do pick up a book, 90% of the time it is science non-fiction. Don't get me wrong, I love science books! The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks is one of the best books I have read in a long time. But I miss the indulgent, summer read. Somehow I have become horrible at picking books! I go to the bookstore, get completely overwhelmed by tons of options, and end up buying the book with the coolest cover. Yep, I'm that person.

Stephen King fan girl for life!
If any of you have a recommendation for a good book I would be so grateful! I'm heading on a little vacation of my own soon (Vegas for a friend's bachelorette party), and I need to pick up a few novels before I go. Since I'm not much for clubs or gambling, I'm most looking forward to quality pool time with a good book. Add on a cute swimsuit, floppy hat, over-the-top sunnies, and a margarita and I'm in heaven!

Summer time
Don't forget the sunscreen!
Thanks for reading my guest post! And everyone make sure to congratulate G for graduating college and scoring a kick-ass job!

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