Sunday, December 11, 2011

an extremely classy cocktail party.

Hello lovelies! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Last night my boyfriend and I went to our friend Mark's Extremely Classy Christmas Cocktail Party, which was a ton of fun. Best part? It was 50s-60s themed, and super fancy! My boyfriend wore a suit, which I was rather thrilled about (he pretty much always wears jeans & t-shirts, so I love seeing him all fancied up). There was a holiday photobooth set up (for which I was the main photographer, yay!) which was a ton of fun, and there were some fun props (a red ukelele, a stuffed Fozzie Bear, a baby Jesus, santa hats, etc.), and it resulted in a lot of amusing pictures. And I was able to get my boyfriend to take outfit photos!

I'm wearing:
Hat: vintage
Sweater: American Apparel
Dress: Gap, gift
Tights: DKNY
Heels: thrifted
Necklace: Tiffany's, gift
Bracelet: Diament Jewelry
Rings: school ring, gift, random store

The last time I wore this dress was for the New College Formal Dinner in Oxford, and I was glad to wear it again—it's a very flattering fit for me and I love the style. I wore red lipstick again because it was perfect for the occasion! And I found this cute little vintage fur hat in an antique store a few months ago, and finally got to wear it! Definitely one of my favorite fancy outfits.

It was a lovely party, thanks to our friends Mark & Julie for putting it together!

Have a great week!

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