Wednesday, August 10, 2011

wednesday wishlist: do it yourself.

Lately I am all about DIY projects—it uses your creativity, and it's a lot cheaper than buying something made by someone else! I'm trying to save money lately so I've become rather crafty. These are some of my favorites, and some that I want to try in the very near future.

DIY Sparkly Wrapped Bracelets by Dismount Creative
Enabled Vintage Key DIY by Maize Hutton
Mens Shirt to Dress Refashion by Michael Ann Made
DIY Friendship Bracelet by Honestly...WTF
Flower Crown DIY by Bleubird Vintage
Cosmic Shoe Tutorial by Goth Reform School

For more of my favorite DIYs (and ones I'm planning on trying), check out my Pinterest board.

Also, this will be the last Wednesday Wishlist for a while. I'm really trying to save up for future expenses and picking out stuff I'd love to spend my money on is just not helping, haha. I doubt anyone will miss it, but just so you all know. There are plenty of other wishlist-type blogger posts, so check those out in the meantime!

What are your guys' favorite DIYs?

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  1. ahhh friendship bracelets! I spent so many hours at school making them instead of learning something REALLY useful!

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