Friday, August 5, 2011

long island/nyc recap.

Happy Friday! This post is long overdue, seeing as I went to New York 2-3 weeks ago. But anyways, here it is!

I went up to Long Island to visit family, and got to see one of my best friends (who I've known my entire life!), Jill. We took a little trip to a thrift shop on the island that I discovered via Yelp: Cooky's Thrift Shop. It was awesome! Definitely a little hidden treasure. I got an awesome belt, a little sundress, and a pair of earrings. Jill scored a Nanette Lepore for Bergdorf top, so jealous! And there was a vintage section downstairs.
Jill tried on a ridiculous vintage ballgown we found. 
The vintage section downstairs. 
I wish I had taken more pictures at this place, but I was too busy looking through everything!

I finally got to meet my aunt & uncle's latest addition to the family, an adorable little kitten named Roxanne. 
She didn't really know what to think of my camera, haha. 

 Later Jill took me to Red Mango, a frozen yogurt place. I was really impressed by the design and overall aesthetic, so of course pictures were taken. 
Such a cute interior!
 I got pomegrante yogurt with dark chocolate chips—so good!
I loved the use of color selection and pops in their materials. 
Jill! <3

On the way back home, we stopped in NYC to see an old friend of my aunt's, who lives in Greenpoint in Brooklyn. I had never been to that part of town, and it's just so beautiful! 
NYC Skyline
On the way to the city.

We went to a nearby cafe, Cafe Royal, for some iced coffees. It has such a cool atmosphere; I fell in love with the collage-like walls.
Cafe Royal
Cafe Royal
Cafe Royal
Cafe Royal

We then went to Greenpoint Park, which is definitely what you would call a "hidden gem."
Greenpoint Park
There were some great statues in the park, like these:

The buildings in Greenpoint are really cool too, kind of gothic architecture.
Brooklyn buildings
Brooklyn buildings

Sorry for the photo overload! Think of this as a triple edition of Five Photo Friday ;)
Have a great weekend! I'll be spending tomorrow at the MidCity Dog Days DC Sale, and then having dinner/cookout with family!

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  1. im so jealous, i love nyc and miss it! looks like you had a blast!
    <3 steffy
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