Wednesday, August 17, 2011

i feel so classy.

I'm on day two of not working during the week for the first time since May, and I'm not going to lie, it feels a little weird. I'm home, and unpacked, and almost overwhelmed by the size of my closet. I have so many options that I think I'm in a rut! Hopefully I'll be able to break out of it. Sometimes I feel so torn between my more girly tendencies and my rock n roll/punk tendencies in terms of outfits. And then sometimes I want to look classy (see: work outfits).
I know that when I go back to school I'll be trying some new things, style-wise, because I'll have more of a reason to dress up. One thing I didn't like about working the majority of the summer in an office environment was so many of my summer dresses were neglected! Good thing summer's last a good long while in the DC area.

Here's one of my favorite work outfits, that I wore sometime during my last week:

I'm wearing:
Blazer: Silence & Noise / Urban Outfitters (secondhand)
Dress: Rare / Topshop
Heels: thrifted ($5, I certainly get my money's worth!)
Bag: Nila Anthony / Fancy French Cologne
(I was lusting after this bag for months & it finally went on sale so I snagged it!)
Necklace: vintage pendant
Makeup: Urban Decay Loose Pigment in "Shag"

I won't lie, this dress is unfortunately a little tight on me. But I plan on making a more comfortable version of it once I fully get a hang of my sewing machine. I took a sewing lesson tonight, just the basics, but I really want to start making stuff! My machine isn't your standard Singer, so I'm trying to learn the inner workings of it. I do love me a good peter pan collar, and I love mini shift dresses!

Not really speaking of my makeup addiction that centers on Urban Decay, I recently got my hands on the new Limited Edition 15 Year Anniversary Palette, and oh my gawd, it is gorgeous! Such awesome shades. I've been having fun blending different shades together—I'll have to start photographing my results! And today UD was having a massive sale: I scored two cream eyeshadows, a lipgloss, the eyeshadow transforming potion, and a tinted moisturizer all for $18! So crazy & awesome. Aren't sales the best thing(s) ever? :D


  1. I stumbled across your blog from the DC meet up! I don't live in DC, and have no idea how I got to the link, but I love DC so I figured I would check some out! You have such a cute style, now following you!

  2. I love this outfit! Yellow and gray are always a winning color combination. It is so funny that you are excited to wear more summer clothes, I am itchy for fall clothes! Especially after seeing this post...aahhhh tights I miss you.

  3. this outfit is so cute and classic looking, i love it. it must be nice not having to work during the week. enjoy your free time!

  4. Jordan - Haha thank you! Glad you stumbled onto my corner of the intarwebs :)

    Hannah - Aw thanks! Haha I feel like I've been wearing fall clothes for most of the summer because the office I worked in was always freezing! Haha soon enough, soon enough!

    Brynna - Thank you! It is, but I kind of miss it! Will do :)

  5. You look great in this outfit!
    xx Tanja


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