Wednesday, July 20, 2011

wednesday wishlist: contemporary vintage

The week is halfway over, huzzah! Let's celebrate with some online shopping, yees?
Parisian Macaron & Gem Truffle Box, $16
Um hi, how adorable are these?! I think I would even have trouble eating them, they're just so pretty!

'Think' Recycled Wood Sign, $42
Seeing as I will (hopefully, fingers crossed) have my own apartment this time next year, I've been thinking a lot about how I want to decorate, and I've decided I would love to have a sign like this. I love the typography, too!

Vintage Floral Tapestry Bag, $24
I've been seriously considering snagging one of these gorgeous vintage floral tapestry bags I keep seeing on Etsy. My only concern is that I would be afraid to use it because it's too pretty!

Double Peacocks Necklace, $24
I've never been a huge fan of art nouveau art, but I really like art nouveau jewelry, like this double peacock necklace. It's so unique.

Thulian Plated Dress, $47
A reasonable neckline, pretty shades of pink, and, my favorite, tulle! Do want.

Keep up the Lace Rainboot, $58
I don't own a pair of rainboots. (Strange, right?) These lovely boots make me want to change that, stat.

What's on your "to buy" list?

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