Friday, July 15, 2011

five photo friday: summer snapshots.

Happy Friday! I am having a wonderful day. I'm going to start working on compiling a post about last night's swap, and hopefully it'll get posted soon. I'm off to Long Island, NY for the weekend very soon, but here are some photos to tide you all over! Constructive criticism welcome :)

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sweet pea.

One of my cats, George. Isn't he adorable? He loves being outside.

Locust Point Horizon
The view from a rooftop deck in Locust Point in Baltimore City, MD.

Peering over.
My adorable little cousin; I just love this photo of her.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Kitty!! Ahhh they slay me when they lay on their backs like that. I am such a crazy cat lady.

    It was so nice meeting you IRL yesterday. I'm looking forward to a blogger happy hour!

  2. Haha, me toooo! It was so nice meeting you too! OMG ME TOO, it must happen! Btw, friend me on fb! I can't seem to friend you O.o

  3. Hey Gina! It was so great meeting you at the swap the other night. Wow, I'm totally impressed by your pictures, the fireworks shot is amazing. And your kitty is adorable. :) Hope to hang out again soon, until I reestablish an internet presence I'm at Take care!
    x, Chloe

  4. Chloe! It was so great meeting you too! Aw, thanks so much! We definitely need to hang out again! I'll send you an email :)



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