Tuesday, June 28, 2011

vintage roses.

As you guys may have noticed, I've been a little late jumping on the vintage bandwagon. Usually, I don't like to jump on bandwagons. But some vintage dresses are just too pretty. Like this one I found in Camden Market, for a pretty good price. I didn't realize when I bought it, but it had a couple stains, which (thankfully) were easily removed by the magic that is dry cleaning.

And because it is a vintage secretary dress, I thought it appropriate to wear to my job/internship!

I'm wearing:
Dress: vintage
Shoes: Nine West / stolen from my mom
Bracelet: Urban Outfitters

Rings: Annie Creamcheese (bird), gift from boyfriend (cat)

This was another one of those days when I was being eaten alive by mosquitos but managed to get a couple good photos (much to my surprise). I seem to have a bit of an inferiority complex when it comes to taking outfit photos. It can be very frustrating when you're trying to aim your own camera at yourself and being eaten alive by those evil little creatures with wings... But, I digress. 

I've got a big of a makeover for the blog in the works, but lately it's been hard for me to be productive on the computer once I get home from work. But hang in with me! All five of you that read this, right? Haha. I also need to work on promoting the blog. Any tips, ideas, thoughts?

Have a great rest of the day! There may or may not be a Wednesday Wishlist post tomorrow; I'm trying (with not much success, but still trying) to curb my online shopping habits. 


  1. Lovely vintage dress. I can't get over vintages dresses; they are my drug. This is a great one. Loved this post :)




  2. Oh goodness do I feel you on the mosquito thing. I have so many bug bites right now. People must think I am very outdoorsy, but no, they are just from taking outfit photos, haha.

  3. Jessica - THank you!

    Hannah - Haha I know, it's ridiculous! It's such a double edged sword: perfect weather for outfit photos, BUGS EVERYWHERE! Haha.

  4. That looks wonderful on you!
    Blog promotion isn't exactly one of my strong points, but I've found that giveaways and commenting are really good ways to draw people in! If you can't get anyone to sponsor a giveaway, putting together a gift basket of vintage things is a fun way to do it yourself! :)

  5. Kellie - Thank you! Good idea - I've been thinking about doing something like that. I'm so behind on my blog reading & I'm even more behind on commenting, I need to work on that!

  6. What a gorgeous dress! I'm a sucker for anything with roses, and the little bow at the collar is such a cute detail. x


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