Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Favorite Summer Pastimes

hey, Tulle and Combat Boots readers! i'm Maya, from the blog Mint & Sugar, and i'm here to help keep the place warm while G's away! (i'm so jealous that she's at the beach, aren't you?)

i was asked to compile a list of my favorite summer activities, something that was harder than i thought! there's so much to love, y'know? so, here goes...

1. wearing colorful dresses everyday, and shunning heavy layers for a while!
2. making flower crowns
3. drinking sweet tea and speaking in a southern accent

5. staying up later, and getting up earlier! (i swear i'm a bear, during the cold months I hibernate!)
6. listening to my collection of 60's music (jefferson airplane, janis, sweetwater, and strawberry alarm clock for weeks!)

8. rediscovering my love for perfume. for some reason it's only a summer staple for me!
9. shopping at farmers' markets for my favorite fruits that are in season! i can live on peaches. no, really. well, i don't want to test it out, so let's just take my word for it.
10. going to the park and leaving my shoes in the car
11. finding cute (and free!) furniture on the street that hasn't been ruined by rain

13. people watching from coffee shop sidewalks as opposed to windows
14. concerts. LOTS of them. and festivals!

16. driving up the coast while blaring The Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack (hey, it's fun!)

18. not suffering from a vitamin D deficiency...yay sunshine!! i can't emphasize this enough.

and 20. sharing said pies with friends!

thanks G, for letting me post on your blog!
and thanks to everyone who read/enjoyed my post! i'd love to see your lovely faces around my site sometime  :)

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