Thursday, April 14, 2011

a stylish nerd?

How is everyone on this lovely Thursday evening? Today was a very low-key day, and it was so nice out I didn't even have to wear tights! Shocker! This outfit came together rather seamlessly, I like it a lot. This is also the first post featuring one of my newest purchases: a pair of black canvas espadrilles with bows! They are adorable. I need to get some non-slip pads for them though, because after a while they start to seriously hurt my feet.

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Earrings: Nomsa on Etsy
Necklace: made by me
Bracelet: Urban Outfitters
Jacket: BDG, Urban Outfitters
Dress: Urban Outfitters
Belt: eBay
Shoes: Forever 21
Bag: the Bodleian Library, Oxford (the text is the Reader's Oath in Latin....yes I'm a nerd.)

It's funny, I never realize how much Urban Outfitters I tend to wear until I do an outfit post. This dress and this jacket are some of my favorite pieces for spring & summer. The dress is a boatneck, which looks surprisingly good on me (if I do say so myself). 

Pretty sure my nail polish is from Urban Outfitters too...

Oh, and while I'm here: can we please talk about how awkward it is to skulk around taking photos of yourself with a tripod?! I'm always afraid of someone seeing me. It does not help when there are construction workers nearby my usual outdoor photo-taking spot. 

Anyways, that's it for today.


  1. It's so true! I always feel awkward when I'm taking pictures of myself outside, and I rehearse excuses as to why I'm doing it (none of them make sense, of course.)

  2. How cute you look! I also hate taking photos outside, its hard to look coy and confident when you have a bunch of builder boys looking at you. Still you look lovely!

    xo, Strawberry Moth

  3. Maya - Hahaha, that's a great idea. I figure if anyone ever asks me, I'll just say it's for a school project or something, haha.

    Strawberry Moth - Aw thank you very much!


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