Wednesday, March 16, 2011

wednesday wishlist!

If I wasn't a broke college student, here's what I'd be buying:

I really love all the geode necklaces—I want to collect and wear them all! I'd probably look like the mineral collection at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, but what can I say, I like shiny things. Also, I don't own a single pair of wedges, and I'm not really sure which style would be best for me. These two pairs from Blowfish are just awesome though. And I always needwant more earrings & rings! And shorts for the upcoming season change!

While you're online shopping, don't forget to donate to a relief fund or two to help Japan! I donated to help save the animals in Japan, which you can do via these sites:
» Japanese Earthquake Animal Rescue & Support
» American Humane Association
» Humane Society

What are your favorite finds for the week?

Happy shopping & donating! 


  1. Those woodland rings are incredibly awesome!

  2. love all!
    nice blog

    come by and maybe follow back!

  3. cute blog- love your style! im following you :)


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