Friday, March 18, 2011

five photo friday: field trip!

So, what first? Outfit post or five photo friday? Well, it'll be five photo friday first.
Also, hope everyone had a fun and safe St. Patrick's Day! I went to the library. Joy.
So today was not any ordinary Friday. I got up at 7am (quite a feat for me) and set off with my Graphic Design Studio class to go to a real print shop right outside D.C. So all of today's photos are from our little field trip, which was awesome & quite informative. I will never forget the smell of ink.

On the way there. It was veeeeeery early.
And in a very rare moment, me smiling! Authentically!
Alert the media!
We were in the very schnazzy waiting room & my
friend Kay (who is a crazy awesome photographer) &
I traded cameras. His weighs about a gazillion pounds.
View of the press room from the overlook at Peake Delancey Printers.
Huge vat of red ink!
Dude. It's a shrink-wrapping machine. So cool. 
Well, I hope you all have enjoyed my very nerdy Five Photo Friday. No flickr links yet because I haven't even uploaded them yet—you guys are the first to see these!

Expect an outfit post in the very near future :)

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