Monday, November 14, 2011

Color Wheel Challenge Day 8: Coral

So today is coral for me (in place of orange), because my closet is completely devoid of yellow. But coral is one of my favorite colors, so I'm certainly not complaining!

Photos by my friend Katie.
I'm wearing:
Jacket: Forever 21
Dress: Oasis
Necklace: antique
Tights: Topshop
Boots: vintage

So, the coral came out more pink-ish in these photos than it is in person, and it's making me feel like I am doing the color wheel challenge all wrong. My own challenge! Also, a challenge has arisen in this challenge: I have two internship interviews this week. Interviews = black fancy clothes. What I'm thinking of doing is either skipping a few days and catching up, or having multiple outfits a day. What I'll probably end up doing is just skipping a day (tomorrow) and catching up. 

But I'm getting all confused about my color order, especially since I realized that on the original Color Wheel Challenge post, I said I was basing it off of ROYGBIV, even though the way I've been going around the color wheel has been the complete opposite! So, I don't know. Let's pretend today was more orange that it actually looks, and I'll pick up again on Wednesday with red. 

Since we're all at different stages lately, today Hannah did yellow, and Katie did indigo
I need more of both of those colors in my closet. 

Is anyone else starting the Color Wheel Challenge this week?!

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