Sunday, November 13, 2011

Color Wheel Challenge Day 7: Teal

Week 1 of the Color Wheel Challenge is complete! And tomorrow will start off another week of it! I told myself two weeks, so two weeks it shall be! Now, today was technically supposed to be green, but I have next to no green in my closet. Thus, teal! Sure, it's a bit blue, but it's still accurate according to the color wheel!

I'm wearing:
Cardigan: American Apparel
Lace top: shop in San Francisco
Long tank top: Pins & Needles / Urban Outfitters
Jeans: Old Navy
Shoes: DIY
Necklace: vendor at a craft show

It was comparatively rather nice out today, but for some reason I was freeeezing when I went outside to take photos. It was really windy though, so I'll blame it on that. Unrelated, but how cool is this necklace?! And it was only $8! So awesome. I was thinking of getting a butterfly wing (the vendor had a variety of insect jewelry), but decided to go with the beetle (even though I hate beetles). 
Not much to say tonight mostly because I'm working a project for my portfolio class (thrilling, right?) but I would much rather be asleep (already, I'm such an old lady! Haha). 
So I don't own anything yellow (what is up with the color deficits in my closet?), so tomorrow it is back to orange! Er, coral, in my case. Anyone up for Round 2?!

Have a great week!

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