Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Color Wheel Challenge!

Helloooo! So, I have some slightly exciting news. One of my friends recently gave me an idea: what if I tried to wear every single dress I owned, in rainbow order? That got me thinking, because I have a lot of dresses that I often neglect. And I always need more color in my outfits. Thus, the Color Wheel Challenge was born!

Starting on Monday, November 7th, I will wear every dress in my closet, in rainbow order, for at least two weeks! 
Well, close. I'll be basing it off ROYGBIV, but I may be switching the order around a bit. I'll be starting with order and working my way clockwise. I'm pretty sure I can go two weeks without wearing the same dress twice, and doing so in ROYGBIV order.

If any of you would like to undertake this challenge with me, please let me know!
If you leave me links to your outfits (either via comment or email), I'll post them on the blog!
Please share the challenge with your friends! 
NOTE: It doesn't have to be just dresses, it can be any clothing item as long as the color is dominant!

It begins Monday, November 7th.
The first color is orange (or a similar hue).

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