My name is Gina, and I'm yet another 20-something. I'm a professional graphic designer, photographer, and a bit of a geek who loves cats, typography, and rock music. I'm based in the D.C. metro area where I live with my husband and our fluffy cat.

Tulle & Combat Boots is the result of my love of fashion blogs and personal style seen on Lookbook and Chictopia which started back in 2011. I also have a slight addiction to online shopping, so blogging about clothes often curbs (and sometimes fuels) my addiction. I'm often referred to as a hipster, and I love mixing tulle skirts with combat boots.

Quick facts:
» I used to have pink streaks/highlights in my hair that often appeared red.
» I am a cat person, but I love all animals.
» Graphic design owns my life.
» I'm addicted to accessories. There is not a day that goes by when I'm not wearing at least one necklace and ring.

Questions? Email me!