Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Favorite home decor finds from Target.

Since we have a few large home improvement projects that we're kind of in limbo on right now, I've been focusing more on doing small improvements to make our space look better. Here are a couple of finds from Target I got last month that I love—and if you're trying to not feed your Target addiction, don't read on.

I got this to hold and sort my now ridiculously sized pin collection—it just looks so much better than the plastic container I was repurposing. Since it sits on the top of my dresser, I like it to double as decor, and this looks really nice.

My small tv in my loft/office was previously sitting precariously on two stacked IKEA file holders, and when I saw this bookcase on sale I thought it was time for an upgrade. This piece is really nice for the price and makes it look more like an office than a dorm.

We have a nice wingback chair in our living room that I love, but the cats get the most use out of it, so I got this throw to add some flair to the chair and serve as a barrier for the cat hair (we have enough furniture with their hair embedded into it, I'm not looking to continue that).

We have this corner next to our entertainment center that is just the cat toy corner, and it was kind of a hot mess before. Putting everything in this (which is a good size) hides the toys, makes it look nice, and makes it easy for the cats to go pick things out when they want. They're super spoiled, so there's a lot of toys.

This is going to sound stupid (my husband thought I was crazy), but nice trash cans really impact a room. I was getting so tired of the ugly plastic ones we had (particularly the oversize one in our bedroom) so I finally bought two of these and they're the perfect size and look so much nicer. If you can't hide your trash can, you may as well have a nice looking one, right?

What are your favorite house improvements/additions?

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