Wednesday, June 28, 2017

80s vibes.

I've been wearing this 80s era dress a lot lately—it looks like I put more effort in that I did (most people think it's a top & a skirt), and the sleeves and skirt length are perfect.

Photos by my husband.

042717x1 042717x2 042717x3 042717x4 042717x5 042717x6 042717x7
What I'm wearing:
Dress: vintage
Belt: vintage
Flats: Target
Pin: gifted
Earrings: made by me
Bracelet: H&M

I decided to fully lean into the 80s vibe of this dress, and added the belt (also vintage), the pin (also also vintage), and jewelry that matched the dress colors. I like how it turned out. I'll just be over here listening to Depeche Mode & Blondie.

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