Tuesday, February 9, 2016

pin love!

I've noticed lately that pins (mostly lapel pins made from enamel) are becoming a big thing on the interwebs, so I figured it was time to share my pin collection and some of my favorite pins out there.

I started collecting vintage pins a few years ago—not necessarily on purpose, it just kind of happened. My favorites are cats (shocker) and cameos. Most of the ones pictured above are vintage/antiques that I've found in random little shops, and a few actually belonged to my grandmother. I always try to remember to wear them so they're not just sitting there collecting dust, and I love that I've been seeing more ways to incorporate them into outfits lately.

And here are some more modern pins I'd like to add to my collection:

1. Skull Pin / $12 / Pintrill

Definitely check out ban.do, Pintrill & Etsy if you're looking some cool pins—and let me know how you're showing them off!

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