Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cool Things of the Week #22

I should really call this Cool Things of the Month at the rate I end up posting it but oh well. Check out some of the cool things I've found in the past month:

These illustrations are so adorable! Sloths are the cutest and I love how the captions poke fun at the tech-obsessed lifestyle.

I absolutely love this idea that takes care of two problems in one: increasing recycling and feeding stray animals. I think this is something that every city should have.

Oh my god, just watch this. You will not regret it. 

A japanese denim maker has partnered with zoos to provide environmental enrichment for the animals by wrapping denim around tires and letting the lions & tigers have at it—all in the name of getting some great distressed jeans at the end. I love this! Such a great idea.

If you're a designer, it's definitely worth your 27 minutes of your time to watch this video about the origins of Adobe Illustrator and the impact it has had on the industry.

Kaarin from True to Style often styles the photoshoots for Beltway Vintage and after recently shooting their fall lookbook, she shared some great behind the scenes photos and information. This is so cool to see, especially because the skirt in the last photo is one I used to own!

What cool things have you found this week?

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