Thursday, March 6, 2014

cool things of the week #16

Happy almost Friday!

If you've ever thought about what would happen if you gave a windup toy a paintbrush, this project is for you. It is literally windup toys given the chance to make art with their movements. So cool!

This little project (now on Kickstarter) is a really neat idea—it's literally a desktop size museum of all the important historical artifacts you would think of: fossils, mummy wraps, coal from the Titanic, and a piece of Apollo 11 (among others). It would be so cool if this got funded and was available for purchase!

The only credit for this project is to a Redditor named Shystone, but it's a really interesting project—old paintings inserted into modern photos of the same place, and done so seamlessly. This makes me want to go back to London!

Art & cats are literally two of my most favorite things so I loved this project just from the headline. But it's also so well done! Andy Warhol is my favorite. Each cat incorporates the artists' style so nicely.

Have a great end of the week!
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