Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Sometimes there just needs to be a crazy weekend outfit that you certainly couldn't wear to work and may not even leave the house in. So on Sunday I decided to wear my crazy-ish outfit.

Photos by my boyfriend/fiance.

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I'm wearing:
Tank top: Target
Skirt: Target
Wedges: ModCloth (old)
Necklace: gift from Hannah
Rings (l-r): school ring, gift, Modern Design tungsten ring*

I love this skirt (even though I feel like it doesn't quite flatter my hips/middle), but because it's so long & I'm so short, it requires wedges of a decent height. I hardly ever wear these wedges because they're so high (easy to walk in but walking in them makes me nervous) but they work really well with this skirt. 

I was also feeling really geometric today—triangle chevron top, chevron necklace & this shiny faceted ring. Modern Design sent this tungsten ring to me* & I love it—it's the perfect size but doesn't get stuck, and it's so shiny & reflective. Also, goes with anything. I think this is meant to be a man's ring, but I think it's definitely unisex (especially when it's in my tiny finger size!). Modern Design is a jewelry design company based out of LA & they specialize in engagement rings & wedding bands—so it's perfect timing that I found them since I'm starting to look at wedding bands (I know that's one of the last things to worry about with the wedding but I like shiny things okay?). They have a lot of great rings, I highly suggest taking a look!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

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*Modern Design sent me this ring in exchange for my unbiased product review. My opinions are my own. I do not receive any commission from purchases made from the links provided. 

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