Monday, February 25, 2013

fancied up.

Is it just me, or did this weekend go by way too fast? It could've been that I had to do some work on both Saturday & Sunday, and usually keeping work away from my weekends is one of my big sticking points. Alas, it was unavoidable this weekend because there is so much going on. I've been working around nine hours each day the past two–three weeks (with little to no break), and I'll be really glad when things calm down a bit. I've convinced myself things will calm down a bit soon, hopefully after this week.

Last night I went to an Oscar party that I photographed for work, so I got to get a little fancied up. I hadn't worn this dress in forever, so I decided it was time to bring it out.

Photos by my boyfriend.
I'm wearing:
Dress: Oasis
Belt: Oasis
Boots: DSW
Satchel: Moda Lux via Ideeli
Necklace: was my grandmother's
Eyeshadow(s): Urban Decay
Lipstick: NYX Cosmetics

I spent about a week or so last month trying to find the perfect satchel—not too expensive, but good quality, appropriate for work and non-work, big enough to fit my essentials but not overwhelming—and then I found this beauty on Ideeli and took the plunge (it was an affordable plunge at $52). One of my coworkers introduced me to Ideeli and it is both wonderful and dangerous. I have another purchase coming soon from them, I'm so excited! But anyways, I love this bag—it's exactly what I was looking for! 

And yes, I will keep wearing my Nike+ Fuelband as an accessory. I surpassed all of my goals today on Nike+ Fuel and hit 4,657 fuel in one day! Do you have a Nike+ Fuelband?

Now off to make some more progress on my to do list before bedtime! Hope you're having a great week!

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