Thursday, January 31, 2013

cool things of the week #7

Happy Thursday! Sorry this is so delayed—it's been a hectic week!

Okay, I had a total nerd/geek love moment when I saw these on Pinterest. They're so cute! Perfect for the fellow Doctor Who lover in your life.

Cats, in silly clothes, with awesome type. I require one of these calendars.

Last week I discovered the illustrations of artist Raphael Vicenzi on Behance and was totally awestruck. His illustrations are beautiful mixed media pieces that have so much energy and personality, not to mention depth.

Last night I attended a screening of Typeface hosted by AIGA DC, which also featured some local printing & letterpress designers/artists. I'm so glad I went, because it was really fun and informative (and I got to see & catch up with one of my best friends & my favorite college professor), and provides a lot of insight into how graphic design was used in the days before the computer (so hard to image now, right?). Typeface centers on the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, which was originally the largest manufacturer of wood type in the US (after buying out its competitors). The museum is also a working factory, although they do not produce as much wood type as they used to. I highly recommend watching Typeface and checking out the Hamilton Wood Type Museum.
Now I really want to go to Wisconsin just to see this museum! So much pretty type.

Yep, huge design nerd right here. And proud. 

Have a great end of the week!
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