Wednesday, October 3, 2012

pink & polka dot.

I can't believe it's Wednesday already—I'm so glad this week is almost over, even though I have a hectic weekend ahead, with some fun thrown in. Anyways, this past weekend my boyfriend and I went to the Occoquan Fall Craft Fair, which was a lot of fun. We walked around and had a nice little lunch and got cupcakes—a treat for me because I've been eating really healthy lately. And a new setting for outfit photos! We took these as we were walking over the bridge to Old Town Occoquan.

I'm wearing:
Sweater: Target
Tank: Old Navy
Jeans: Target
Boots: Target
Bag: the Kills concert
Necklace: Target
Rings: Quarter Life, gift, school ring
Sunglasses: H&M

Yep, basically everything in this outfit is from Target. I bought these jeans on an impulse while browsing through Target, because they are SO CUTE. And they're so comfortable! And the boots, sweater, and necklace I ordered online because a) online discount, and b) left myself time to make sure I was sure about the purchase. This sweater is also super comfy, and with fall arriving I've been feeling the need to buy sweaters. And the obligatory peter pan collar necklace—I kept seeing it in the store and finally caved. 

This past Saturday was the perfect weather—sunny, breezy, cool enough for a sweater but not too chilly. I'm making a quick trip home this weekend to switch out my summer clothes for my fall clothes and I'm excited because I don't really remember what I've got packed away, so it'll be like shopping! Only without spending money (bonus). 

What are you most excited for for fall clothes?

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