Friday, August 17, 2012

five photo friday: glimpses & details.

Happy Friday! As tomorrow is our apartment warming party (eeep!) I thought it would be appropriate to post some pictures I took of some details in the apartment for today's Photo Friday.

Without further ado...

Shoe shelves in my (er, our) closet. 
One of my little succulents.
My terrarium, which recently had a new addition (not pictured).
Antique illustration hanging on the wall.
Accessory nook in the closet.
Top shelf of my makeup stand.
My pins.
Large bracelets & cuffs.
Bulletin board filled with necklaces!
Rings & earrings.
Antique jewelry box, little nicknacks, roll of film I need to have developed, and antique hand mirror.
And finally, my inspiration board! Which is a little crowded right now.

Have a great weekend!

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