Thursday, July 26, 2012

cool things of the week.

Normally today I'd do an outfit post, but I have been finding too many cool things on the intarwebs this week to not share it with you lovely readers (whoever you may be). So here are ten cool things I've found on the internet this week.
All images courtesy of their respective owners.

I recently discovered this jewelry line via Fab (their sale is here),
and I fell in love. Their designs are simple but beautifully constructed,
and any of their pieces would be the perfect accompaniment to any outfit.
(See? I can sound fancy when I want to!)

Another find through Fab, Suzabelle is a line of women's clothing
that combines classic and feminine with modern elements. You hear that
a lot these days about new clothing lines, but Suzabelle strikes me as 
a line that actually adheres to it.

Another Fab find, Naked Decor basically has the coolest pillows ever.
In addition to this London collage pillow, their Fab sale also has
some adooooorable graphically illustrated cat pillows. I want one.

Those of you who follow me on Pinterest have probably realized my love for Etsy jewelry,
and Rosella Resin fits the bill. They have gorgeous rings and bracelets made from resin that holds
elements of nature, like flowers and moss and gold flecks. They also make rings in smaller sizes,
which makes my tiny fingers very happy. 

I recently discovered the amazingness that is the art & design blog Colossal, which 
showcases amazing art like this. Having done a very minor amount of paper craft
in my handmade books class which was no easy task, the fact that Laramee makes sculptures
that look so beautiful and so realistic from whole books amazes me.

I didn't know that optical illusion typography like this had a name, but apparently it does. 
This is so cool that you have to see the whole post to really get what's going on.

I'm in the process of assembling a gallery wall in our apartment, 
and I would very much like for this adorable, wonderfully monochromatic
typographic print (complete with the London skyline!) to join the other frames.

My ears need these. Quotes, semicolons, and ampersands are my favorites.

If you aren't familiar with the most adorable, pretty, smart, talented, and nerdy actress
out there, please meet Felicia Day, who has started a weekly weblog that is kind of the best thing ever.
She makes me feel like less of a spaz and looks pretty while doing so. 
My boyfriend and I eagerly await new episodes!

I have a little bit (ahem, understatement) of an obsession with/addiction to necklaces, and I really want
to add this one to my collection. It's so elegant and yet badass at the same time.

Okay, so if I do this in the future it may go to 5 things instead of ten. Speaking of, would you like to see this as a weekly feature?

Hope you all enjoyed it!

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