Thursday, March 29, 2012

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OMG YOU GUYS. Guess what?! I passed my thesis defense! This means that I will be graduating with honors (and get some extra graduation bling)! I'm so excited, pleased, happy, and relieved. This defense has been hanging over my head for about a year now, and even though I have a few small revisions to make, it's just so nice knowing that it's finally done.

What was great was that I had a huge support network: my parents, my boyfriend, two of my good friends, and one of my favorite professors came to my presentation! It was also nice to have my advisor help me out and defend me when a couple tough questions arose. Afterward the whole process (which was about an hour), my parents took my boyfriend and I out to our favorite local diner where we all had breakfast foods for an early dinner. And I've spent the past three hours doing nothing but relaxing! It's a weird, but awesome, feeling. Now time to get back to work!

I was planning on taking outfit photos today, but between all the stress before the defense and all the relief after, it just didn't happen. But here's a similar outfit that I wore to my internship the other day.
I'm wearing:
Dress: was my mom's
Shirt: Old Navy
Boots: DSW
Necklace: made by me

I recently rediscovered this dress in my closet and decided "hey, maybe I should wear that again soon." And I've actually ended up liking it a lot more now than I did originally. I love the bold graphic floral print combined with the mod/60s-ish silhouette. Yay for stealing clothes from my mom!

These boots might look new but I actually bought them a few years ago (I think they were in the clearance section at DSW) and for some reason decided they weren't for me and gave them to my mom. Right before I went to New York for Spring Break I was looking for comfortable boots and my mom reminded me about these—and lo and behold, they're perfect! 

Now I'm off to do some freelance work and history reading; have a great end of the week!

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