Tuesday, February 21, 2012

thrift gods be praised.

This past Friday I stopped at the local thrift store (er, warehouse) Unique Thrift, which is my usual thrifting spot. I wasn't expecting to come home with anything, but I lucked out: I found a J.Crew button front blouse in perfect condition for $4, and two vintage dresses for under $10 each!

Click to see larger.
$4 J.Crew blouse
Vintage dresses!

Crinoline! And an awesome floral pattern.

The buttons! I love the buttons.
Both dresses have Byer Too tags, which I believe is an 80s-90s Macy's in house brand.

Then on Sunday my mom & I went to the antique stores (there are a bunch of antique stores down the street from our house, a fact which I have only recently come to appreciate), and of course at my favorite one, "A Little Bit of Everything," I found some great stuff.
Cool serpent/dragon ring.
Flower locket pin.
Bunny necklace! (It has a red gem collar too!)
1940s gloves for $5 (at a different store).

As my boyfriend said, "thrift gods be praised."

What are your favorite thrift/antique finds?
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