Sunday, December 18, 2011


Sorry long time no post—this past week was finals week and the last fall semester of college I will ever have to endure! It's so weird knowing that I only have one semester left before I graduate! Early last week I finally got a haircut and decided to get traditional bangs—I keep going back & forth on them, but for the most part I really like them. What do you guys think?

I'm wearing:
Top: thrifted
Jacket: Talbot's
Jeans: Land's End, gift
Wedges: Chelsea Crew
Necklace: made by me

I usually avoid the seventies style like the plague, but the flare of these jeans made me want to try it, at least a little. My mom gave me these jeans and they're super comfy with a bootcut, but I totally offset the comfort aspect by wearing my cork wedges with them (I wanted to get one last wear in before it's really winter) on a day that I had to do a good amount of trekking around campus. But anyways, this whole outfit is a little seventies-ish for me (with a 50s style jacket thrown in), but I kind of like it. Thoughts?

So now that I'm technically on winter break I am going back to work full time at the company that I interned at over the summer. I think it's kind of like a trial period to see if they want  to hire me full time when I graduate, which is pretty exciting. I can't believe I start back tomorrow! I'm going to have to figure out a new outfit photo taking plan, since by the time I get home it's dark out. There may just be lots of indoor pictures during the week. Ah well. 

Have a great week!

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