Saturday, October 22, 2011


Happy Saturday! Last weekend my boyfriend and I went to the Renaissance Festival in Annapolis, Maryland. It's one of our favorite things, mostly because it's so much fun and just ridiculous and it's the best place to people watch. A lot of people dress up, not just in Renaissance period costume—one year I saw a green man, this year there was a group of steampunk people, and the list goes on and on. Here are some pictures of my outfit that my boyfriend took of me, and then some pictures I took of the festival! (Also, this is my substitute for missing Five Photo Friday yesterday.)

I'm wearing:
Dress: Kimchi Blue / Urban Outfitters
Pants: Insight / Urban Outfitters
Boots: shop in Oxford
Necklace: antique
Flower crown: made by me
Backpack (not pictured): Cath Kidston

Renaissance Festival.
There's some amaaaazing artwork!
Renaissance Festival.
Etching glass.
Dark elf.
Someone dressed up as a dark elf!
A case of bees/beehive at the Bee People stand. (They have great honey!)
Renaissance Festival.
I love the art on this sign.
Sweet Nuts.
SWEET NUTS! No, seriously, they're good.
A mime!
Renaissance Festival.
The beautiful little cottage where they sell amazing flower crowns.
Renaissance Festival.
Great period costumes and characters! (And they stay in character.)
Awesome glassblowing demonstration.
Glassblowing demonstration continued.
If you're ever in the area between October and November, I highly recommend going, it's so much fun! You can find out more info here.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

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