Friday, September 2, 2011

(more than) five photo friday: dorm life.

Happy Friday! Here are a few photos of my new dorm room & various things.

Assorted jewelry—this stone cuff was one of my favorite antique store finds.
Bulletin board & posters. (Yes, that is an X-Files poster above my bed.)
Bookshelf, makeup, vintage dress (not yet seen on the blog!), and my view.
 A portion of my closet: a few blouses, skirts, dresses, jewelry, and bags.
Keys & Hello Kitty as a macaron! Gift from my friend Katie. 
Obnoxiously bright & shiny piggy bank (from Target) & earrings.
My budding pin/brooch collection.
Obligatory mirror self portrait. Tried something new with my hair for a change!

Have a great weekend!

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