Friday, May 13, 2011

Guest Post: Stephanie of THIMBLE MAG.

Hey all Tulle & Combat Boots readers, it's Stephanie of THIMBLE MAG! I'm so excited to post for G. and her blog while she's on vacation. Today was a rainy day here, and what do I do when it's raining? Well today, the agenda was to drink copious amounts of iced sweet tea and watch Twin Peaks streaming on Netflix. I also did some posting for the online magazine I run, check it out it's called THIMBLE MAG. So to contribute to G. and her lovely blog, I'm doing an outfit post with one of my favorite looks I pulled together. I used the backdrop of my very own backyard, rainy weather and all!

Denim Shirt - Ralph Lauren from Village Thrift
White Tee - Old Navy
Patterned Skirt - Unknown from Village Thrift
Nude Sandals - Simply Vera from Kohl's
Chain Necklace - Simply Vera from Kohl's
Burgundy Hat - Unknown from Village Thrift

Thanks so much for letting me be a guest blogger G!
XOXO Stephanie

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