Thursday, February 21, 2013

cool things of the week #8

It's almost the end of the week! Time to round up some nifty things I've found lately. And this post is long overdue!

I almost could not believe my eyes when I saw this. But it's totally real, and amazing. You can draw in 3D!!! It's currently under development and available for backing on Kickstarter—definitely watch the video if nothing else. It's amazing how far technology has come, especially with 3D printing, and this would make it much more easily accessible to the general public.

I love puns, and I love cats. Cat puns? I'm sold. Now someone buy me this t-shirt right meow!

This infographic is not only informative and well designed, but so cute! I feel like having the little character really pushes it over the edge and makes it more relatable. There's also some really good information that's presented in a clear, concise way. Click here to see it full size!

I grew up playing Tetris on my Gameboy (which I still have, somewhere...) so when I saw this it filled me with great joy. Because deep down, I am a nerd. A nerd that loves clothes. And cute, handmade/independent designer clothes? Automatically on my wishlist.

And I leave you with this, which needs no explanation.

Have a great end of the week! Don't forget to tell me about what cool things you've found this week!
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