Tuesday, December 18, 2012

the busiest weekend.

This weekend was so eventful that it took me until Tuesday to post a review/recap. But really, I just got sidetracked by working out & making dinner & whatnot last night. I usually don't do weekend reviews but there was just too much fun this weekend.

So Friday after I work I came home and changed into appropriate 80s Mayhem attire:
A thrifted black velvet dress, white lace tights, studded boots, and lots of accessories!

Then I sat in traffic for an hour (no joke) on my way to meet up with Hannah!
We had delicious pho in Clarendon, and then made our way to Black Cat. 
Where it was gorgeously & festively decorated, and the lovely Katie was dressed as a snowflake princess! And also the awesome DJ.

Then came Saturday, the day of me trying to do everything in a pretty short amount of time.
After dropping off some donations at the thrift store, I metro'd into Georgetown to meet up with Allie of Whatever's Lovely at Baked & Wired, aka the best coffee & cupcakes joint in DC. Allie and I met through the ModSquad via the internets a while ago, but this was our first time meeting up, and it was so much fun! She's so sweet and funny.
Allie & our treats; the epic napkin art wall at Baked & Wired.

And when in Georgetown, one must shop...(Disclaimer: I actually was super early and had to entertain myself somehow.) I of course went into Urban Outfitters but didn't even feel like shopping—cause for concern if you're me—but then I did some damage at Sephora.
Then I speed walked (I'm one of those fast walker people who will weave through crowds, I admit) from Georgetown over to Artisphere in Rosslyn to catch the tail end of GRUMP, where my friend Lisa of Quarter Life was selling some gorgeous vintage.
Some vintage jewelry at the QL booth.

And then finally I headed home, to make cookies and get ready for a friend's holiday cocktail party. And then on Sunday I finally got to sleep in a bit, hang out with friends, and do laundry.

Busiest day/weekend ever, right? But I got to see so many good friends this weekend and do a lot of fun things, so mission accomplished!
(And yes, I put a ton of links in this post. But no, I don't get paid for any of them.)

New outfit post coming tomorrow!

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