Saturday, July 14, 2012

black & neon.

A post on a Saturday, gasp! I have a good backlog of outfit photos piling up, and this is one of my recent favorites. A work appropriate outfit that combines DIY & vintage!

I'm wearing:
Sweater: Gap outlet
Dress: vintage
Shoes: Born Concept via DSW
Necklace: DIY
Rings: Mayhem fest vendor, gift

I found this adorable little black vintage dress when I went shopping in Petaluma, CA (during my quick weekend trip last month) with my mom & my aunt. I tried it on and it fit like a glove, and it was only $5! It's simple, but with subtle details, like a fabric chain link under the bust and drastic side pleats. I thought that such a simple dress needed some color with it, hence the hot pink sweater and neon necklace (see yesterday's DIY post for how I made it). 

I also tried something new with my hair (although it's hard to tell) and twisted a few plaits on the sides into a low ponytail. And my overly long bangs were behaving, which is always a plus. What's a good hair day without cooperative bangs, anyways?

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