Thursday, April 5, 2012

mock peplum.

Even though I have a few previous outfits lined up, I wanted to post yesterday's first because I love it so much. This may be my equivalent of the 90s (that was 90s, right?) "power outfit." It's simple, classy, and versatile. And comfy! Bonus points for comfy. Also, bonus points for it now being Easter break!

Also, I love how these photos turned out.
I'm wearing:
Blazer: Urban Outfitters
Top: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: American Apparel
Bag: Urban Outfitters
Booties: DSW
Necklace: vintage
Belt: taken from another dress

And as usual and never on purpose, almost head to toe Urban Outfitters. I can't believe at one point I was considering giving away this top, I'm so glad I didn't. Also, don't you hate when you go through almost the entire day wearing something one way and then last minute discover it looks much better another way? That was the case with my hair today: I wore it down to my internship & then when I got back to school decided to put it up (good decision). And I'm wearing lipstick for once! It's Clinique chubby stick in Cherry, which my mom gave to me because she didn't like the color on her (I love profiting from my mother's impulse buys, it's quite lucrative). 

My favorite thing about this outfit is the mock peplum effect created by belting the blouse with the pencil skirt. I feel like peplums have to be done very carefully because they can make your hips look huge, but this worked out really well. My other favorite thing (in general, really) is this pair of heeled booties. I found them in the clearance section of DSW (the best part of DSW) for about $35 and they're perfect—comfy, easy to walk in, good with everything. And when editing these photos I realized they make my legs look pretty good, so I'll certainly take that! (Or it could be all the miles I've been doing on the elliptical lately, and not the shoes? Nah.)

Have a great end of the week!

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