Thursday, September 17, 2020

lemon zest.

 I had been planning to make this whole me-made outfit for a while and I finally did it during staycation.

Photos by my husband.

What I'm wearing:
T-Shirt: Tilly & the Buttons Tabitha pattern from "Make it Simple"
Fabric for both: 'Growing lemons' poly spandex from JoAnn
Bag: Madewell
Belt: thrifted
Sandals: vanEli from DSW
Earrings: vintage Swarovski from Diament Jewelry

This outfit is totally 'secret pajamas,' as they say; it's soooo comfortable. I feel like it's kind of a lot to wear both of these at once, but this is how I pictured wearing both of these when I made them, because when I first bought this fabric I was planning on making a dress. However, I thought I'd get more wear out of them as separates, so I can mix and match. This was my first t-shirt and I was pleasantly surprised by how well it fit! Not too tight anywhere and an easy pattern to follow.

Full disclosure: I put this belt right in the donate bag after we finished taking this photos because it kept popping off—guess there's a reason I found it secondhand!

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