Wednesday, August 14, 2019

summer & transitional purchases.

Somehow I've found myself at two entirely different outlet malls in entirely different states in the past couple months. I've been focusing on buying things that can work for multiple seasons and occasions (and less, 'this is only for work' or 'this is only for weekends'). Here are some of my best multi-purpose and (mostly) multi-seasonal purchases (mostly outlet but not all!).

1. J.Crew Factory Chambray Button Front Dress | currently $54, limited sizes left
I actually found this on the clearance rack in person for about $12!

These are the best skinny jeans I've found in a long time—right amount of stretch and not too long (usually a problem for my 5'3" self).

3. J.Crew Factory Twist-Back Dress | currently $26.50
This is probably the most seasonally-limited purchase because it's a very light fabric, but it's extremely comfortable and great for the summer.

Usually I can't pull off a midi length (again, short), but somehow this works. I'm looking forward to layering with this for the fall.

It's black, it has polka dots, and it's not too low cut. Check, check, check.

This was my first purchase from Mata Traders (and I did take advantage of their 4th of July sale) but I am so impressed! It's beautifully made, a nice light cotton, and the sizing is actually reasonable and realistic. 

I forget why I was looking for a denim skirt, but I definitely needed something to go with the exorbitant amount of t-shirts in my dresser, and this fits the bill perfectly. It's not too short and not overdone with pockets, etc. (the pockets are real, too!)

I'm finally getting to the point where I can't deal with uncomfortable shoes anymore, no matter how cute they are. I needed some cute, neutral sneakers that I could wear with dresses, and also to work (my workplace is fairly casual). These have memory foam insoles and don't rub against my ankles. (Also, if you purchase from DSW, wait for a sale or special deal!)

I don't get commission from any of these links, I just like the products!

What are your best purchases this summer?

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