Thursday, June 5, 2014

cool things of the week #20

Happy Thursday! This week has flown by. And I found so many cool things this week!

This is just such a sweet, amazing story. This 9 year old boy has a dream of starting a no kill animal shelter, and he's already starting to accomplish it. Really great & heartwarming.

This is a really interesting—but also scary—article that I think everyone in today's day & age need to read. It's really scary how much this daily usage of technology has degraded our memories. The sheer amount of information available these days is just too much for your memory capacity to handle. Really interesting facts. 

It's a live infographic! I can't even get over how cool this is.

An app that lets you interact with your cat! And you can remotely feed them treats. I would have entirely too much fun with this. And they have a Kickstarter project. 

I love that new technologies are able to help disabled animals like this. This goat is so cute, and obviously so happy to be able to move around again. Oh, and there's a video!

Katie from Today I Want has inspired me to really look into which of my favorite cosmetic brands are cruelty free, and to focus on buying cruelty free cosmetic brands from now on. And this is a great list to start with.

Kittens! In cute costumes! Go look.

I just realized that this was a very animal-centric Cool Things of the Week. Because animals are awesome.

What cool things have you found this week?

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