Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Grumpy Cat in a TARDIS.

I was actually a good blogger this weekend and documented my outfit on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

Photos by my fiancee.

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I'm wearing:
Scarf: That Girl Crochet on Etsy (no longer open)
Plaid shirt: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Express (gift, old)
Necklace: shop in Camden, London

Yes, I am wearing a shirt with Grumpy Cat on it. Grumpy Cat in a TARDIS. When I saw this at Eastern Market a month or so ago, I had to buy it (despite my semi shopping embargo). It's amazing. 

Anyways, I wanted something comfy & warm for the Silver Spring Farmer's Market/Fenton Street Market I went to on Saturday morning with one of my best friends, and my favorite red plaid shirt is a little too hipstery for work. I wore my red coat over this in the morning, but in the afternoon it warmed up a lot (although we had trouble finding good lighting for photos in the afternoon). 

I love going to farmer's markets—and this time I stayed within my budget! I got organic potatoes, sourdough bread, homemade chevre cheese (sooo good), and some really unique flowers called "coxcomb." Definitely a successful trip.

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